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Why AssociationEZ

AssociationEZ combines the power of the web with your offline processes to streamline business operations. Invoices, membership plans, or complex event registrations are all easily controlled from an intuitive, user-friendly interface. More.AssociationEZ Membership Management Software > Why AssociationEZ

Membership Directory

The Membership Directory is the lifeblood of many organizations. Making the member directory easy to use, quickly configurable, and powerful in its form is the primary goal of AssociationEZ. The Membership Directory has many configurable options to suit the needs of any organization and give its members exactly the information they want. Below is a list of features available in this powerful module.

AssociationEZ Membership Management Software

Membership Directory Features:

  • Unlimited directories
  • Allow public/private access to directories
  • Assign member types to directories
  • Control member access for each directory
  • Configure number of results on each page
  • Allow PDF download access by member type
  • Allow PDF download to public
  • My Saved Members
  • Configure directory listing format (table, block, or block with photo)
  • Complete control over which fields appear in any directory
  • Customize which fields are available for simple/advanced search
  • Generate a URL to directly link to any directory from anywhere on your site