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Why AssociationEZ

AssociationEZ combines the power of the web with your offline processes to streamline business operations. Invoices, membership plans, or complex event registrations are all easily controlled from an intuitive, user-friendly interface. More.AssociationEZ Membership Management Software > Why AssociationEZ

Event Management

AssociationEZ has one of the most flexible and powerful solutions for event management on the web. Members can to quickly find an event, register, and pay online within a matter of minutes. AssociationEZ's numerous configurable features make it particularly valuable when dealing with complex events that span multiple days and have many registration options to choose from. This event management software allows an admin to control event capacities, group registrations, discounts, and completely customize the event registration form. Below are listed more of these potent features available in the event management module.

Event Management Features:

  • Easily add, edit, delete events
  • Fully configurable admin view of events
  • Add, edit, delete event venues
  • Customize the event registration form for each member type
  • Add, edit, delete event types and groups
  • Clone events for quick event creation
  • Schedule daily, weekly, or monthly reoccurring events
  • Create private events only viewed by administrators
  • Add, edit, delete multiple activities within an event
  • Add, edit, delete sponsors for events or for each activity
  • Create early registration and group registration discounts
  • Assign discounts to an event or to particular activity
  • Activity grouping allows for easy categorization of activities
  • Restrict certain member types or guests from registering for a given activity
  • Define contacts at the event and activity levels
  • Set general capacity limits on activities or limit by member type
  • Wait list option for event activities
  • Set general activity pricing or create a pricing schedule by member type
  • Use intelligent business logic to configure if an activity is mandatory, if it has pre-requisites, or if it precludes registration to other activities.
  • Set acceptable payment methods
  • Allow Administrative Assistant registrations
  • Select to process credit cards real time or save for offline processing
  • Configure event registration confirmation emails and send them to as many administrators as you want
  • Send personalized event reminders and configure mail delivery logic

AssociationEZ Membership Management Software