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Why AssociationEZ

AssociationEZ combines the power of the web with your offline processes to streamline business operations. Invoices, membership plans, or complex event registrations are all easily controlled from an intuitive, user-friendly interface. More.AssociationEZ Membership Management Software > Why AssociationEZ

Custom Software Development

The backbone of Epsilonium's success is its proven ability to develop custom web-based software applications across a variety of industries. Epsilonium system architects, project managers, and software programmers combine to form a dedicated team to successfully undertake projects from inception to completion.


The planning phase of any project is the foundation for success. Epsilonium takes pride in affording sufficient time and effort developing a logical and efficient plan to guarantee a successful outcome. Our design architects will spend as much time with you as is required in order to fully understand project requirements and deadlines. Before moving to the development phase you will have a complete understanding of what the end product will look like and how it will function.


This phase of the project is the execution of the plan agreed upon. The software programming is performed by teams of specialists with vast knowledge of ASP, ASP .NET, SQL, and other database programming languages. In conjunction with the software programming, our design team will put the 'face' on your product with visually-appealing graphics and stunning imagery. This creates the online selling power of your product or the subconscious desire experienced by your users to interact with your business.


Epsilonium executes a rigorous testing environment to ensure that the product is exactly as defined in the project plan. Each and every function is tested across multiple scenarios in order to sufficiently exhaust all possible errors. Epsilonium testing teams do their best to "break" something before you or your customers can. Only once we are sure it cannot be broken is it released for deployment.


The deployment phase consists of production server testing and configuration, domain management and email management. This constitutes the final phase of the project life cycle. Epsilonium team members will walk you through the product and train you on how to use it. Once deployed, you will now experience how your product enhances your ability to do business with your customers-an experience shared by all Epsilonium clients.