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Why AssociationEZ

AssociationEZ combines the power of the web with your offline processes to streamline business operations. Invoices, membership plans, or complex event registrations are all easily controlled from an intuitive, user-friendly interface. More.AssociationEZ Membership Management Software > Why AssociationEZ

Human Resources Outsourcing Association

The Human Resources Outsourcing Association (HROAź) is an association of professionals who purchase, provide or participate in the human resources outsourcing industry. The HROA is committed to promoting communication, the exchange of information and the advancement of best practices in the human resources outsourcing industry. HROA believes that its uniqueness lies in the active participation of its members and its ability to leverage the combined experience of its diverse membership.

HROA did not have a membership management solution prior to selecting AssociationEZ. With a high caliber association management software, HROA was ready to improve its service to its members and enhance its image as the premier association for HR professionals. Below is a list of some of the powerful tools now used by HROA.

  • Membership Module
  • Event Management
  • News & Press Release System
  • Discussion Forum
  • Online Voting
  • Email Marketing
  • Instant Polling System
  • Banner Publishing
  • Meetings Module
  • Job Board System
  • Online Payment
  • Full-featured Shopping Cart System

AssociationEZ Membership Management Software